Esmeril Racing Standard Turbo Kit for Mazda RX-8

Updated for Summer 2012

The updated standard kit provides the ultimate choice when looking for a kit that destroys the Greddy turbo kit in performance and reliability while rivaling the Greddy kit in price.

The standard kit is built on the same proven platform as the Esmeril Racing HP turbo kit (Ver 4.0) which is the most widely installed High Horsepower kit on the market. The Standard Esmeril kit is easily upgradeable to the HP kit with the HP upgrade package, coming soon!

The Esmeril Racing 'Standard' Turbo kit was designed to produce a reliable 280- 350whp which equals approximately 325-400hp at the flywheel. New for summer 2012 we have upated the kit with a higher quality Precision turbo that will allow you to retain an excellent power band at higher RPMs while spooling in the 2000-2500RPM range. This is the ideal turbo kit for Autocross racing, a fat flat torque band with lots of area under the curve throughout the entire RPM range.

Just like the original HP kit the 'Standard' only requires common hand tools for installation and is completely bolt-on and reversible to OEM within a weekend.

Genuine Precision, Comp Turbo, or Turbonetics Turbocharger

Tial Low Profile Wastegate: (extra clearance for lowered rides and/or large speed bumps).

BOV, 50mm (guarantees zero compressor surge for a longer lasting turbo)

Intercooler (bar and plate design promotes better heat exchange between charge and ambient air for cooler intake temps, not unecesarily large for quicker spooling)

Manifold constructed of 304SS CAST pipes/elbows (no mandrel bent thin walled stainless piping prone to cracking) with a wall thickness  of about .135" that guarantees resistance to cracks and structural failure at elevated exhaust gas temperatures.  Retains the use of OEM airpump if customer chooses to keep it.

Beaded Aluminum Intercooler piping, high quality 4-ply reinforced silicone hose connectors (No low quality rubber/plain silicone prone to stretching and/or bursting).

Oil Metering Pumping Heat shielding included to preserve OEM components located in the vicinity of turbo components. (manifold/downpipe wrap not included)

Injector modification for higher flow INCLUDED with purchase of kit, simply ship us your injectors.

Fuel pump Upgrade INCLUDED

We load base maps into our Plug and Play Microtech at no extra cost.

Fully braided oil feed and return lines with high quality fittings(no brass).

Aluminized 2 piece downpipe allows for slight movement/vibration(as opposed to stainless steel which will crack with rapid temperature changes and flexing common on daily driven high perfomance cars).  Bolts up to factory exhaust system or after-market ones.

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