Kit Goals

We sat down and analyzed all the available aftermarket FI kits for the RX-8 and noticed four desirable characteristics: Power, Reliability, Price and Looks.  We then realized that until now you could only get three of these together on any given kit.  One could have Power+Reliability+Good Price but not have the looks or have Reliability, Looks and Good price but no power(in some cases not even that reliable) or get Power, Reliability and Looks but have to pay 1/3 of the original price sticker of a brand new RX-8.  Clearly this was not acceptable and we observed as it took a toll on the after-market growth of the RX-8 because people were not buying as many FI kits and therefore we were getting stuck with some very unacceptable figures, ie. less people experimenting/tuning.

We then set out to find what was desired by RX-8 owners and we came up with the following requirements:

1. Kit must surpass the "magic" 300whp number out of the box and incorporate room to grow (Complete).

2. It must be simple to install by the average joe and require minimal tuning by the buyer (Complete).

3. The included components should allow room for significant power growth with no additions(340whp) and 400whp will be available with the original components (only the addition of some minor upgrades needed) (Complete).

4. It must be over-engineered in the same way the car is, everything will have a safety factor similar to the OEM engine components in order to provide the reliability a bolt on kit should have while keeping all of the factory features of the RX-8 (Complete).

5. The kit should be ergonomic and posses looks that match its pricetag. (Engine bay should look filled in its entirety with no gaping holes or areas where the lack of components in the engine bay is evident, the engine cover should fit on with zero modification) (Complete).

6. Above all, the kit must be complete including every required component so that extra investments would be minimized as well as leaving buyer decisions to a minimum (the homework has been completed by us so you don't have to) (Complete).

7. It must have competitive pricing.(We considered every kit on the market and made sure that no other kit offering these characteristics would be available as a complete package for less than our pricing.  Even the ones that offer similar power figures have limiting components after such numbers are reached.  Our parts (wastegate, turbocharger,BOV,intercooler,etc.) are over-engineered to work comfortably in very high horsepower applications without breaking a sweat while providing great reliability even at the limit) (Complete).

8. Payment plan would be offered, free of interest charges, to allow more people to enjoy Forced Induction power on their RX-8s (Information to be found on product page located at

We completed two mayor running prototypes with hundreds of minor changes (i.e. position of turbo & wastegate, manifold routing, heat shielding, intake piping and filter, etc.) and experimented with at least 3 different manifold configurations which were tested for almost a two full years on a daily driven car (including driving in subzero temperatures).