Esmeril Racing RX-8 Apex Seals

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At Last! After extensive testing and re-testing over a period of almost 2 years and with countless miles, Esmeril Racing is proud to release their Apex Seals to the public market.

A first in the aftermarket industry for the Renesis engine, our seals are designed to handle the high stress operation normally associated with high boost applications in rotary engines. They are made from a proprietary material that allows them to handle a certain degree of detonation without suffering from brittleness which in OEM apex seals cause cracks to develop and propagate. At the same time they surpass the strength of the OEM apex seals and withstand elevated boost levels without issues.

Our Apex Seals were designed to not cause premature rotor housing wear; the OEM ones will actually wear out the housings faster than these. In the event that the engine is operated at elevated temps, for instance when running very “lean” conditions such as extreme pre-ignition/detonation due to over advancing ignition timing: they will deform before they break. This deformation serves as a warning instead of instantly encountering a severly broken engine which occurs with OEM seals. This deformation will cause a loss in compression associated with loss of optimal seating against the internal surfaces of the engine but it will be as simple as replacing the seals themselves instead of the rotor, housing, etc. as is normally the case with the OEM seals when breakage occurs.

These seals have been proven to withstand boost pressure levels of more than 30psi with proper fueling and tuning. They have seen WHP levels well above 500whp while being safe for engine internals.

This is the ultimate internal upgrade for the Mazda Renesis engine

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Esmeril Racing RX-8 Apex Seals